One Heart, One Mind, One Union


November 7-10, 2019

Regular: N30,000 | Early Bird: N25,000 | Late and On-site: N35,000


FGGC OWERRI is a Girls secondary school situated in Imo State, south-east Nigeria.

Founded on the 14th of November 1973, with Ms Sheila Everard as its first principal, there were a total of 80 students and 10 members of staff at its founding.


The school is situated on a piece of land carved out of a neighbouring boys secondary school: Government College Owerri, with a few buildings, inherited from the school, including two lab blocks comprising the Biology and Home Economics labs. The Physics and Chemistry labs, four staff quarters one of which was converted to an administrative block.


Structurally, there were developments in terms of buildings added to what was inherited from the neighbouring school, including classrooms, staff rooms, dining halls, hostels, clinic, canteens and tuck shop, a mini-stadium where all sports activities take place. Additional buildings have been further added to accommodate the increase in student population.


Considered one of the best unity schools in the country over the years, its founding came immediately after the Nigerian Civil War as one of the strategies of the Nigerian government to integrate ethnic groups, promote unity and also discourage the division brought about by the effects of the Civil War.


Early residents of the school recorded stories of human remains found on the site. It is believed that the site was one of the battlegrounds during the Civil War thus the anthem of the school reads : The guns of battle were all silent; the smoke of destruction blown away; the lips of war were sealed, And the scarring almost healed; When our school was born to herald a new day!

The school uniforms comprise of a blue shirt and navy-blue skirt for the senior students and navy-blue pinafore and blue shirt for the junior students.

The school has enjoyed the support of the Federal Ministry of Education, Imo State Government, individuals, groups, corporate bodies, Old Girls Association, PTA, members of staff not leaving behind the host community.

Academically, the school has recorded a number of milestones in times past, it clinched recently the Federal Ministry of Education’s award for the best unity school overall in the SSCEs in 2017.

The success of the school over the years is manifest in the crop of successful and well-meaning ladies she has produced over the past 46 years.